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Major Reasons Why Microsoft Bought Ninja Theory

There is a recent announcement that was made by the franchise called Ninja Theory. This announcement simply means that Microsoft will be buying Ninja Theory and it will be its property. As a matter of fact, it is one of the largest announcements made during the Microsoft E3 event. At the time, it was not an announcement that anyone anticipated.

Microsoft will be buying Ninja Theory

To boost Microsoft’s game output, the announcement came with compulsion games, undead labs, and playground. Will this acquisition become a big deal for Microsoft? Well, with the records of Ninja Theory, it is going to be a huge deal for Microsoft. However, there are several reasons that led to this move. Keep reading to discover why Microsoft bought Ninja Theory.

In a video released, the franchise called Ninja Theory was able to explain why the move came into reality. The video also contains information of what the franchise will be getting from the deal. One major thing that Ninja Theory management mentioned is the disappointment that PS fans have for them. Another thing that the franchise is rightly saying remains that the franchise is ready to work with the Microsoft platforms.

Ninja Theory is ditching its exclusive content standard and embracing what Microsoft has to offer for the future. Is this a great move for any gaming company? Well, it is evident that Ninja Theory has a lot to benefit from the deal. For this reason, the deal has been successful to the entirety of the company. There have been several videos where Ninja Theory maintained its stand of being independent. It looks like the company is getting a great offer from Microsoft.

According to reliable sources, Microsoft buying Ninja Theory remains the biggest shock and unexpected move for fans. The move was clearly announced on the Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The press conference also clearly stated that Ninja Theory is now a property of Microsoft. In time past, Ninja Theory has worked with Sony developing several amazing games. This can be found in the likes of Hellblade – Senua’s Sacrifice and Heavenly Sword exclusive. These games were for Xbox One and PS until recently.

The independence that Ninja Theory needed may have been satisfied by Microsoft. For this reason, the franchise was able to reach a compromise with the latest acquisition firm. Kung-Fu Chaos remains the first game by Ninja Theory. The game was an exclusive in 2003 for Xbox which means that the circle is complete. The franchise can now work with Microsoft to dish out more amazing games in the future.

Without mincing words, it is clear that Ninja Theory was able to reach a successful deal. If this was not possible, the franchise would not have conceded to Microsoft in a cheap way. Since a deal is reached by the two companies, the best may be on the way. The biggest deal for this acquisition may be for the independence of Ninja Theory. Until more information is out for public use, you can keep on with these details.