Is Empower Network the top MLM for music artists in 2017?

Musical artists love finding side gigs to help them earn extra money. They can use the money to help them advertise their music, upgrade equipment, and cover travel expenses.

So what money opportunities are artists choosing in 2017?

Empower network is hot right now, especially in the music scene.

What is the Empower Network?

Tough question.

Put simply, the Empower Network is a online based MLM company. It was founded about 2 and a half years ago, and has taken the internet by storm.

The products are mostly premium online marketing courses designed to help you sell more of anything online. They provide internet marketing tools, education and resources.

They also offer a unique business opportunity – resell their high ticket products for hefty commissions. This is completely optional and you can purchase their products without being an affiliate.

Empower Network Founder Background

Founded on the 30th of October 2011, the company has grown to about 40 staff members running the day to day operations. The founders go by the names David Wood and David Sharpe, two unique personalities trying to buck the trends of traditional MLMs.

David Wood (long bearded hippie) specializes in free traffic blogging and was once a hobo living out of a van. You’ll be seeing a lot of him in the training videos.

David Sharpe an expert in paid traffic method had to overcome battles with severe substance abuse and a broken family.

The ‘Daves’ both have inspiring back stories and together they run a unique business model not seen anywhere else.

A huge reason behind their massive success is their polarizing style. They don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear. So much so that it can turn quite a fair number of people off. However it’s all intended to chase away the tire kickers and only attract the truly committed people.

I love it. I find it refreshing, compared to all the hot air and negativity out there. However, if you’re not ready to hear some pretty damning yet truthful insights, this company probably isn’t for you.

Recently they’ve dialled down the directness quite a notch and really focused on creating high quality products for the customers, but I still dig their style.


As of March 2014, the Empower Network core products are:

  1. Viral Blogging System, priced at $25 monthly. Stupid simple to use, point and click friendly. Comes with mobile capabilities and social media integration. As of today, still far from the perfect product but it’s getting there.
  2. Viral Blogging Academy, costs $297. Video course on monetizing your viral blogging system. Targeted at people who don’t really know where to get started. About time they launched this, if you ask me.
  3. The Inner Circle, costs $100 monthly.  Audio library of inspiring stories and interviews from some of the top earners. Personally I think it’s so-so, but I get why some people would find it valuable.
  4. High Ticket Academy, costs $497 (price increase expected!). 3 unexpectedly long webinars on how to close high ticket sales. Most of this requires picking up the phone though, but the knowledge is transferable to blogging.
  5. Internet Traffic Formula: costs $997. Vick Strizheus’ full on crash course on paid traffic methods. Full review will be released upon launch. No 100% commissions on this one though.
  6. Costa Rica Intensive, costs $500. HQ recording of an intensive mastermind by the founders, great quality content and filled with revolutionary concepts you can implement in your business. Loving this high level stuff.
  7. $15k Formula, costs $1000. By far the best of all their products. Contains the latest and best internet marketing strategies. I’ve checked out plenty of other products claiming to teach the same thing but none of them comes close to this level of content. Constantly reworked and updated as the internet marketing landscape shifts.
  8. Masters Course, costs $3,500. For the advanced. Contains accelerated concepts and strategies for the advanced marketer. Not that useful if you’re a beginner just starting out, but it’s value really shines when you start getting success.

Other products include media hosting (don’t really see the point when there’s Youtube for free) and event tickets (once every 3 months). You can’t earn any commissions of these.

At this point in time I’d much prefer my own WordPress blog (Don’t fix something that isn’t broken, right?), but the Viral Blogging System is the best place to start for beginners.

And yes, in the long term I strongly encourage you to consider building your own blog.

The Inner Circle I find ‘meh’, the rest are really solid stuff. The $15k formula is amazing.

You can also purchase the products in any order you like, at anytime in the back office.

For a more detailed product review, check out my Empower Network Full Product Review.

Compensation Plan & Business Opportunity

A $19.95 fee per month allows you to participate as an affiliate. After activating that, you’re free to sell any of the Empower Network products.

The majority of the products pay 100% commissions.

The Masters Course pays roughly 85% ($3,000 out of the $3,500 retail price) and the Viral Blogging Academy pays you 67% ($200 out of the $297 sticker price).


Here’s a quick summary:

You qualify for commissions in one of two ways:

One, by making a sale of each product to a non-affiliate (i.e. a customer who does not activate his/her affiliate account).

Two, by first buying each product yourself. (You are then considered the ‘non-affiliate’).

If you do not meet either criteria, all your sales will be passed up to your sponsor.

Also, on each of the eight commission-able products, you pass-up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale thereafter.

That’s product specific, so there’s one ‘counter’ for each product.

It’s a fair comp plan, whereby you’ll benefit from training your downline (their pass ups go to you!), but at the same time your sponsor isn’t getting ridiculously rich off you.

Check out my Empower Network Compensation Plan review here for more details.

As of March 2014, you’ll be getting a new weekly bonus incentive.

Now you can earn extra money based off the company’s profits, all by sponsoring so many new Viral Blogging System customers each week. More details will be released soon.


  • Brilliant and unique products. Well worth the money and constantly being updated to keep up with the times. You can use the knowledge here to sell anything else by the way.
  • Leverage Empower Network’s existing social proof. Squeeze pages and sales videos have been provided to you, all you’ve gotta do is get their eyeballs on your site.
  • No approaching strangers, cold calling, auto-ship, bugging friends and family… None of that required.
  • Ridiculous commission levels. An ‘all-in’ (someone who buys everything) will earn you a whopping $5400.
  • Very scalable. That’s the beauty of the internet, being able to sell products to people on the other side of the world.
  • Great culture and leadership. Everybody genuinely (Most of us at least) wants other people to succeed, even if they aren’t on the same team. Supportive network of leaders and people to keep you going.

How bout the downsides?


  • Despite how good the products and comp plan are, failure rate remains high. This is more to do with the ability and willingness of individuals than the company being flawed itself.
  • Steadily increasing competition levels. Especially when everyone is using the same funnels and systems. Differentiation is key in the long run.
  • A MLM company like Empower Network receives unwanted attention and criticism. That’s just the way it is.
  • Going all-in (buying all the products) is still gonna cost you almost $6,000. However you try to justify it, it’s still a lot of money especially for beginners.
  • Not a get rich easy program. I’m sorry, but if you think you’re going to join the company, put up 3 blog posts and get rich in 5 days, it’s not going to happen.

Concluding Thoughts

Look. Obviously this review contains elements of bias, since I’m an affiliate myself.

But I hope I have covered the bases well enough to give you guys an impartial review to make your own decisions.

In summary, the Empower Network is great.

Is Empower Network here to stay? Absolutely.

Are you going to be a better leader and marketer? I definitely have.

Is the compensation plan good enough? 100% yes.

But are you going to make money? The answer is, it depends.

Despite how the entire system is in your favor, you’ve still gotta put in a decent amount of effort and commitment to succeed.

A successful internet entrepreneur has attributes most average people don’t. That’s just the way life works.

Again, read the income disclaimer.

Jump in only if you believe you’ve got what it takes.

Peace, beast.

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