Rappers and pop stars are choosing healthier alternative to HGH

How do all the famous musicians keep their attractive figures? Many people think that it’s the result of human growth hormone technology but it turns out that’s not quite the case. In fact, less musicians are using HGH than ever according to most sources.

Two of the main things that prevent men from gaining muscle mass and losing weight when they cross their 40s are lower testosterone levels and HGH or Human Growth Hormone levels.  It is certainly no secret that when men get older, their energy levels decline and the fat content in their body increases as a result. These two hormones can prevent this scenario during 20s and 30s but by when they age more, the growth and muscle building hormones begin to decline. At 40 years of age, the supply is reduced considerably which makes getting abs well nigh impossible.

Why Shortcuts can hurt you

In other words, with low testosterone and HGH levels there is no way men can increase and define muscle mass or get leaner [1]. There are options but they are not effective or beneficial in the long run. On the one hand there is HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy which basically involves the ingestion of steroids that can increase hormone levels. The problem with this is that it can be incredibly expensive with prices going as high as $1000 each month. Add regular visits to a doctor to get those steroids injected and it will ultimately involve blood work which will only increase that bill.

In order to understand the role of these hormones [2] and why testosterone is more important in later years, a breakdown in their definitions will help.

How HGH affects the Body

HGH is a natural hormone that is produced by the brain and it is responsible for stimulating bone growth and muscle tissue growth by metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins. These should be injected only if the individual’s life depends on it as excess amounts can lead to long lasting and debilitating conditions.

If it is produced naturally by the body, HGH can decrease fat and increase muscle mass. This was one of the reasons why supplements were so popular in the 90s with bodybuilders and athletes. However, once it was discovered that the steroids caused hormonal imbalance, the practice came to a stop. It was also discovered that the increase in body mass caused by injecting HGH was not due to an increase in protein, but rather an increase in water content in muscle fibers.

Since then other studies have showcased the same result and the fact that bodybuilders have been compromising their health by messing up the hormonal balance in their body just to increase their endurance for competitions. In later studies it was determined that there was no difference in muscle mass and strength between those who took supplements and those who did not.

However, the biggest difference testosterone and human growth hormones is that the latter does benefit an athlete as such. That’s because taking excessive HGH cannot increase muscle strength or endurance and can cause hypertension, heart disease and resistance to insulin. It can also enlarge organs such as the liver and cause diabetes.

How Testosterone affects the Body

The hormone that is mostly utilized in the body to build muscle and strength is testosterone which is also known as the makes sex hormone which is produced by the testicles. The hormone is said to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass and increase endurance which made it quite popular in the Olympics. This was ages ago though but the hormone’s benefits cannot be disputed even today.

However, it can cause harm if it is injected in the form of steroids. Complications include hair loss, acne, moodiness, depressions, suicidal tendencies and more possibilities of committing violence. This includes heart disease since overdosing can result in changing the structure of coronary tissue and it can also decrease good cholesterol and increase the bad.

In both cases, hormone injection therapy will only work as long as a person is on it and once it stops, the body can revolt resulting in debilitating conditions.

How Abs over 40 can help

Abs over 40 is a workout and diet plan by 48 year old fitness expert and diet guru Mark Mcilyar which offers an all natural solution for testosterone production for men who wish to get leaner and enhance muscles in their 40s and above. According to Mark, the exercises can easily be done on a daily basis in the comfort of a home and a gym as well.

Each exercise targets specific areas in the body such as glutes, abs, thighs and arms for the ultimate, full body workout and is perfect for newbies who are short on time and resources. The plan targets main muscles in the body because for men, stimulating those areas can increase fat loss and increase endurance. For that to be possible, testosterone levels have to be balanced. Luckily the workout and diet plan works on that as well and also increases their production which makes up the deficiency that middle aged men suffer from.

The collection of abdominal exercises mentioned in the plan are designed specifically to aid men in losing belly fat, boost muscle and their endurance levels just by exercising for a few minutes a day. These should be done on a daily basis with a day in between set aside to allow the muscles to recover. All of the movements mentioned in the plan allow men to move more weights with minimum effort and strain. This is much better than overlong exercises which can take a toll on an aging body.

If the plan and exercise regime is maintained, it can result in balanced testosterone levels which can lead to greater muscle mass and more endurance. Since this hormone is essential for muscle building, a lack of it can cause muscles to atrophy with excess lactic acid buildup during workouts.

The exercises are also structured according to time efficiency and require little to no gym equipment to maintain.  If it is practiced on a regular basis, it can keep testosterone production in check thus enhancing weight loss, increasing strength and boosting the effects of the workouts.


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