Top 5 Morgan Freeman Movies Of All Time


Top 5 Morgan Freeman Movies Of All Time

Online movies are a buzz these days, especially for the youth. It’s not just a source of entertainment but more like a detox over the weekends to release the stress that comes with the corporate culture one part of. To make it more expedient for the generation today, smartphones have paved way for various online movie apps that one can easily download and subscribe to the latest movies online. A popular trending app these days that is hitting the market is the Movie Box App. Well, the app has various perks which are pretty enticing for the young generation today to get inclined to the app in the first go itself. The app provides latest movies for free of cost which is not available on the other apps as of now.

Since online movies have become a major getaway for the working generation today on lazy weekends, this has all the more probed major online movie apps to get better features incorporated in the app to attraction user population. Well, the youth today is more inclined towards Hollywood flicks; therefore, any movie app has to first incorporate access to Hollywood movies to keep the youth happily attracted to the app. Moreover, these apps provide access to the bestseller movies of all time, hit directors and actors which is also a must to keep the audience in the loop for long haul i.e. the publicity and reach of a particular app.

Well, it’s time to talk about all time hits of one such actor whose Hollywood flicks are amongst the top favorite especially in the online apps like Movie Box to quote. The genre of movies may differ amongst the generation yet there are some masterpiece works that grab the instant attention of people belonging to any generation. And to add to the movie watching bug that is apparently on a high in today’s generation, international series too are becoming the new talk of the town. For now, though, the focus would be on the all-time hit movies and roles enacted by Morgan Freeman.

Top 5 hits of the ace Actor of Hollywood

1)    Driving Miss Daisy

This is a simple story portraying the relationship between the African American limo driver Morgan Freeman and a Jewish lady Miss Tandy. This was one such classic movie for which he got nominated for the Oscar.

2)    Gone Baby Gone

The story focuses on a girl who’s been abducted by criminals of Boston and two private investigators involved in rescuing the girl. Here Morgan’s role is beautifully carved out wherein he is portraying the head of missing persons. What makes the role all the more poignant in itself is that Morgan has had a personal experience himself of losing his child as well which gives a real angle to the movie.

3)    Unforgiven

This movie covers how Freeman portrays the role of a decent man caught in indecent times. He is a gunslinger who has been called out of retirement. The role portrayal by Freeman was remarkable.

4)    Million Dollar Baby

The movie primarily focuses on the emotionally shattering story of the relationship shared between a female boxer and her trainer as portrayed by Morgan Freeman.

5)    The Shawshank Redemption

The story highlights the friendship between Freeman and a wrongly jailed man Shawshank while in the prison and how the friendship develops and shapes over the next few decades is what is interesting to watch.

So, here is the list of all the bestsellers of Morgan Freeman. Do add these to the list of watch later and have a chilling weekend.






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