Why Do You Need High Refresh Rate Monitor


Why Do You Need High Refresh Rate Monitor

The refresh rate of a monitor refers to the number of times your screen is capable of refreshing the image that is displayed on it. This refresh rate is usually assessed in Hertz or Hz. If the number of refresh rate is higher, it means that your monitor refreshes itself more in comparison to monitors that have low refresh rates.
You can alter this rate from the graphics setup and the monitor that you have. Here are a few reasons as to why a monitor with a high refresh rate is required.

Improvement in Motion Resolution

One of the most important benefits of a high refresh rate is the improvement in motion resolution, which is depicted by observing the sharpness of any moving image. High refresh rates allow your brain to decrease blurring effects as they supply more information, thereby reducing the perceived blur.

You will be able to notice the differences between the 120Hz and the 60Hz displays as soon as you see the screen.

Screen Tearing Reduced

You should keep in mind that a frame rate and a screen rate are not the same things. A slight difference between these two is responsible for screen tearing. This happens when the video card of the computer is responsible for spitting frames faster in comparison to your monitor’s refresh rate.

Since more frames are spit than what your monitor is capable of handling, sometimes half frames are shown on your screen. A higher refresh rate of 120Hz or 240Hz is capable of handling spits, and it aids in eliminating tearing in your display.

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Better Response to Games

Your monitor’s refresh rate can have an enormous impact on the input lag. A display of 60 Hz has almost 16.67ms visible lags, which is the time taken from the first refresh to the second refresh, and so on. In case of the 120Hz display, it is around 8.33ms, while in case of the 240Hz display, it is the lowest of 4.16ms.

This input lag can cause problems for all the hardcore and professional gamers who want their games to be smooth and gain a great experience. Unfortunately, the professionals can only notice this input lag.

Immersive Viewing Experience

If the refresh rate of your monitor is low, you will not be able to get a great viewing experience. If you are into playing games and you want to enjoy the top-notch experience, you should go for the monitors that have high refresh rates.

Most professional gamers opt for the 144Hz monitors in order to get an immersive experience. You will never enjoy your game if it keeps lagging, but with a high refresh rate, you will get the best experience ever.

No Flickering

If you keep on seeing the screen of your monitor flicker and you have often wondered the reason behind it, it is because your monitor has a low refresh rate. A 60Hz monitor takes time when redrawing a particular image, thereby causing a flicker. You should ensure that your monitor has a higher refresh rate if you do not want the flickers.

Most people believe that higher refresh rates are only for the gamers. However, you would not like lags or flickers even when you are watching a movie. Though high refresh rates monitors are costly, you can opt for the cheaper ones available and change your viewing experience altogether.

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